Dr. Hussein Mansour


Dr. Hussein Mansour Joint the Ministry of  Industry  and Foreign Trade as Food Safety Expert of the F o o d Saf e t y  Age nc y  Managem ent  Team  for  7 years.  He s e r v e d as t h e Agricultural Minister Plenipotentiary & Head of the Agricultural Office at the Embassy of Egypt in Washington, DC. for 6  years. Dr.  Mansour has 40  years of experience as an agricultural scientist, research management coordinator, and educator in  Egyptian and Middle Eastern institutions (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and UAE). He has a broad experience in international agricultural development programs through his engagements   with   CODEX,   USAID,   FAO,   ICARDA, ACSAD and number of other international organizations.

Dr. Mansour has organized and chaired many international workshops and conferences on agricultural development, genetic diversity and animal conservation. He has served as the technical leader on several nation-wide animal genetic improvement projects in  the  Middle East. In  addition, he  assisted in  the establishment of the Egyptian National Agricultural Library (ENAL). He also established a number of information and computing laboratories in the Egyptian Universities and Ministry of Agriculture.  Dr Mansour is one of  ten scientists who contributed to the formation of the Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) in Sharjah, UAE