Gary W. Elliott


Gary W. Elliott, MA, R.E.H.S. (retired) has over 37+ years of experience in food protection, having served at all levels, from the field to the central office. Before his retirement, he was an executive-level supervisor with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control's Division of Food Protection within the Bureau of Environmental Health. Gary served as a supervisor, survey officer, plan reviewer, training coordinator, and assistant director for South Carolina's food protection program within the Division of Food Protection. Gary also has been involved as the primary manager with the development of three food protection regulations during his career. Gary co-managed the retail food protection program and provided training, practical experience and application of the risk-based inspection program in South Carolina. He served as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the Bureau of Environmental Health and assisted the Bureau Director of Environmental Health on special assignments involving all environmental health programs. Gary has also facilitated discussions on subject-specific homeland security topics across the United States for the Department of Homeland Security and on behalf of the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Homeland Defense and Security. Gary has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of South Carolina. He attended and completed the Management Academy for Public Health at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Gary also has a Master of Arts in Security Studies (Homeland Defense and Security) from the Naval Postgraduate School. His Master's thesis entitled, “Who's on First: Unraveling the Complexity of the United States' Food and Agricultural Regulatory System in the Realm of Homeland Security,” was written with attention to the push for an integrated food safety system and the importance of both food safety and food defense to the food supply for the United States. While serving as a Fellow at the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI), he produced a project deliverable entitled, “The Potential of Social Media and Web 2.0 Applications for Food Safety Capacity-Building (A New Meme in Food
Protection).” Gary has also presented at the Food Defense Strategy Exchange in Chicago, IL on the topic of Food Defense on behalf of AFDO and state perspectives.
Gary served as the lead Co-Chairperson of two committees with the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO), which include the Food Protection and Food Defense Committee and the Laws and Regulations Committee for the last several years. Additionally, Gary is the immediate past President of the South Carolina Chapter of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s InfraGard Members Alliance, for public-private collaboration on infrastructure protection. Gary has coauthored a chapter on the subject of an integrated food safety system and cooperative food safety programs for IFPTI. Gary has participated as a subject matter expert at the University of Minnesota’s Food Protection and Defense Institute, participating in the early development of the Food Emergency Frame Project. Gary has also participated as a subject matter expert for the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) and for the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI) on course content outlines for FDA-related courses.
Gary has delivered courses for NEHA as a lead instructor titled, ER310: Food Safety Issues in the Event of Disasters, and FD312: Special Processes at Retail. Gary has also been involved in various food safety and food defense projects with AFDO.