Andrew Clarke


Senior Director Quality Assurance Loblaw Companies Limited

 Prior to his current role Andrew worked for Maple Leaf and the UK Food Standards Agency conducting audits of UK regulatory agencies to assess their compliance in the delivery of official controls in terms of the implementation and application of EU Food Law Directives.

Andrew has a BSc (1st Class) Food Technology (University of Wales) and an MSc (Distinction) Food Safety Management (University of Central Lancashire) and has experience in the development, implementation and management of food safety and quality management systems across a wide range of food product categories. Andrew has experience working in high risk/high care and low risk food processing food manufacturers and also has expertise with supply chain management and product development.

In addition to his responsibilities at Maple Leaf, Andrew is an active member of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is presently involved in working groups revising the key elements and also the scheme benchmarking process for issue 7 of the GFSI Guidance Document. Andrew is also a GFSI Benchmark Committee Member participating in the benchmarking of food safety schemes to ensure adherence to GFSI requirements.

Andrew is currently an approved trainer for the BRC Global Food Safety and Storage and Distribution training courses, having originally trained on the requirements of the BRC Food Standard in 2002. Andrew is a Member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (MIFST) and a Member of the International Association for Food Protection, taking an active role in their professional development group, HACCP Utilization, which focuses on improving the practical application of HACCP within the food industry as a whole.