Ellen W. Evans


Dr Ellen W. Evans is a Research Fellow at Cardiff Metropolitan University's ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre. She specialises in cognitive and behavioural food safety research. At the center, she supervises BSc, MRes and PhD student projects relating to food safety; and current student projects include the use of food-media to deliver food safety messages and the role of dieticians in the delivery of food safety information to vulnerable patients. Her personal research interests include cognitive and behavioural food safety risks associated with ‘at risk’ consumer groups; consumer food safety behavioural change, and food safety culture in the food and drink industry.

As part of the ‘Food Safety Research Group’, Ellen is involved with various aspects of food safety research from microbiological analysis, the design of intervention strategies such as food safety education initiatives for consumers and food safety training for healthcare professionals, to assessing food safety compliance in the food industry and observation of food safety practices in the innovative model domestic kitchen at the FIC.  She also contributes to Welsh television and radio, and peer-review research articles for international food safety journals.