Mira El Ghaziri


Mira El Ghaziri is a nutrition scientist and public health professional with 15+ years of experience in nutrition, global health policy, external engagement and multi-stakeholder collaboration on health and nutrition.

Mira is currently the Managing Director at HealthyPath, a health policy and nutrition consultancy firm, which supports organizations in the public and private sector to integrate health in their strategies and be on a healthy and sustained path, through advisory on healthier food innovations, shaping partnerships around health and crafting pertinent policies. Her recent focus is on enhancing sustainable food systems.

Prior to that, she held different roles in multinational food companies as a regional nutrition lead to drive the nutrition strategy for better food choices while leading on partnerships with governmental entities and healthcare professionals. Mira also worked as an academic researcher on nutrition and health to address key national health topics.

Mira combines a unique skill of working with both the public and private sectors with the strength of collaboration.