The Dubai International Conference on Applied Nutrition was formed as a part of Dubai Municipality’s increasing activities in the field of nutrition, which has been identified as one of the priorities for the government in the upcoming years. In the context of the major public health challenge of preventing obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases in Dubai and the region, which requires evidence-based policies and programmes, the conference will provide a great platform for in-depth dialogue between experts, be they regulatory officials, food industry, interested parties or stakeholders. it was therefore organized to provide ample opportunity for an interactive exchange of expert views and experiences. The two day forum will discuss the current status and future implications of regulations and policies pertaining to nutrition and its impact on the food industry and public health.

The Conference aims to provide ample opportunity for an interactive exchange of expert views and experiences on a range of topics particularly on issues related to national, regional and international programs to improve nutritional quality of foods; and of particular focus would be unique and sustainable initiatives from across the globe to prevent obesity and diet related chronic illnesses. The conference also aims to highlight the value of collaboration between the regulatory authorities, food industry and health and nutrition professionals.

Registration Details

The conference will be held for the two days - 7th and 8th November 2016.

Workshop will be held on 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th and 12th November 2016.

Online registrations are closed now. Onsite registrations will be open from the 6th of November 2016 in front of Sheikh Rashid Hall D, DWTC. Click here to know more about registration.

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