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The theme of this year’s conference is “Predict, Prevent & Protect,”  and we aim to focus on timely and trending topics that will address the opportunities and challenges in the emerging technology and data-driven food safety world. To list a few of these, the use of Whole Genome Sequencing to  track outbreaks, the use of IoT devices to ensure accurate process monitoring and decision making, use of smart mobile devices to connect us with a network of humans and machines with back-end applications that can manage and analyse data for action in real time….


Over the three days of the event, we will explore opportunities and ideas to use Technology Platforms, Artificial Intelligence; Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Science; IoT Devices; and learn how governments as well as the food industry are using these tools for driving inspections and for  decision making in food safety, nutrition and other areas of public health.


While looking at technology and data driven systems as enablers, the conference will, as every year, bring to the room the latest trends and challenges in the more fundamental aspects of food safety, including  approaches to food inspections and audits, microbiological and chemical risk assessment, and the human behavioral aspects of food safety management. 


So be at our conference and experience the data driven world…..


Key Topics:

Food Safety Management  Internet of Things (IOT)  Big Data
  Data Science  Food Additives HACCP
 Microbial Risk Assessment  Predictive Microbiology Food Traceability
DNA Barcoding Microbiological Shelf Life TACCP
Food Inspection and Auditing Cleaning and Disinfection Pest Management
Social Media and Risk Communication Whole Genome Sequencing Pesticide Residues
Microbial Risk Assessment  Antimicrobial Resistance  Food Safety Culture
 Vision Expo 2020 Packaging Technology Food Banks
Food Sustainability Applied Nutrition Food in Schools