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Invitation To submit Abstracts for Poster Presentation

12th Dubai International Food Safety Conference

29th and 30th of October 2018

We welcome abstracts of innovative research from the following priority areas:

  • Technology solutions for food traceability
  • Big data, data driven systems.
  • Emerging food safety risks in the Middle East Region.
  • New analytical methods, challenges and developments.
  • Prevalence of foodborne illnesses in the Middle East region ( Disease surveillance).
  • Outbreak investigations/case studies.
  • Pesticide Residues/Exposure studies in the developing world.
  • Chemical risk assessment.
  • Safety assessment of food contact materials/food packaging.
  • Innovative food safety education and awareness programs.
  • Regulatory programs/Inspections/Audits.
  • Food safety management systems – new approaches.
  • Social and economic impacts of food safety.
  • Food Security and Sustainability.

Instructions for Preparing Abstracts

All abstracts and posters must be written in English.

  • All abstracts must be approved by all authors before submission.
  • Authors — List all authors using the following style: first name or initials followed by the surname.
  • Presenter Name & Title — List the full name and title of the person who will present the paper.
  • Presenter Address — List the name of the department, institution and full postal address (including zip/postal code and country).
  • Phone Number — List the phone number, including area, country, and city codes of the presenter.
  • E-mail — List the E-mail address for the presenter.
  • Title of Paper — The title should be short but descriptive. The title should be in title case.
  • Abstract — Key the abstract into the web-based system with Introduction, Purpose, Methods and Results

Criteria for Judging Abstracts

  • Is the study about one of the priority areas listed above?
  • Is the title specific, adequate and concise? Does it accurately describe the study, study design? or the method of data collection or analysis, the research objective or question?
  • Are the aims, objectives, hypotheses or research question(s) clearly stated?
  • Are the Methods clearly described? Are the data sources clearly specified? Are the methods? appropriate to the question being investigated?
  • Are results available and described appropriately? Abstracts should not say only that results will be presented.
  • Are the conclusions clear and concise? Do they reflect the aims and objectives? Are they supported by the results presented?

Projected Deadline

Abstract submission for poster presentation is open from 1st of April to 31st of July 2018.

Travel Support

The organizers do not provide any kind of travel support, accommodation nor visa. The presenter has to make his or her own arrangements.

Contact Information:

Questions regarding abstract submission can be directed to:

Sajiv Raghavan