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DIFSC 2021 will have five Action Tracks:

Action Track One: Enhancing Food Business Operations in the Emirate of Dubai

The aim of this track is to create a regulatory model that fosters new investments and sustains the growth of existing businesses in the food sector in Dubai. Various programs held as a part of this track with aim to:

  • Identify areas of constraints in food business set up and operation
  • Facilitate discussion and multi-stakeholder partnership to bring together the best ideas and advanced game-changing solutions
  • Agree on priority areas for changes and modernization of regulations, approaches, and programs
  • Serve as a platform for government and businesses to announce new commitments to support food systems transformation


Action Track Two:

Advance food safety through evidence-based scientific approaches

The main focus of this track will be to bring in global experts in food safety to learn how to effectively and efficiently manage food safety in an increasingly globalized, complex, diverse food industry.

  • Food safety management systems
  • Food sampling and testing
  • Food safety in the region- CODEX initiatives


Action Track Three:

Technology Drivers to Advance Food Systems

  • Promising food safety technologies in the industry
  • Showcase futuristic applications and platforms that can enhance food safety, traceability, data analysis and interpretation, risk analysis
  • Latest laboratory tools for testing food contaminants
  • Other technology solutions and enablers


Action Track Four:

Framework to Combat COVID-19 linked Health Problems with Better Nutrition

  • What would be the post pandemic world be like, impact on health and nations
  • Identify the risk factors and control measures
  • Discuss solutions with stakeholders
  • Ideas to change consumer attitude, and behaviour towards food
  • Technology solutions/drivers


Action Track Five:

Student Programs

Student research presentations

Student competitions