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We welcome abstracts of innovative research from the following priority areas:

  • Emerging food safety risks in the Middle East Region.
  • Prevalence of foodborne illnesses in the Middle East region ( Disease surveillance).
  • Physical, chemical and microbiological hazards: measurement, assessment and management.
  • Validation of control measures (cooking, storage, shelf life, disinfection).
  • New analytical methods, challenges and developments in food safety.
  • Safety assessment of food contact materials/food packaging.
  • Innovative food safety education and awareness programs.
  • Regulatory approaches to managing food safety or nutrition.
  • Research work in applied nutrition.
  • Social, behavioral and economic impacts of food safety and nutrition.

Instructions for Preparing Abstracts:

All abstracts and posters must be written in English.

  • All abstracts must be approved by all authors before submission.
  • Authors — List all authors using the following style: first name or initials followed by the surname.
  • Presenter Name & Title — List the full name and title of the person who will present the paper.
  • Phone Number — List the phone number, including area, country, and city of the presenter.
  • E-mail — List the E-mail address for the presenter.
  • Title of Paper — The title should be short but descriptive. The title should be in title case.
  • Abstract — Key the abstract into the web-based system with Introduction, Purpose, Methods and Results

Criteria for Judging Abstracts:

  • Is the study about one of the priority areas listed above?
  • Is the title specific, adequate and concise? Does it accurately describe the study, study design? or the method of data collection or analysis, the research objective or question?
  • Are the aims, objectives, hypotheses or research question(s) clearly stated?
  • Are the Methods clearly described? Are the data sources clearly specified? Are the methods? appropriate to the question being investigated?
  • Are results available and described appropriately? Abstracts should not say only that results will be presented.
  • Are the conclusions clear and concise? Do they reflect the aims and objectives? Are they supported by the results presented?

Projected Deadline:

Abstract submission for poster presentation will be open until 15 September 2019.

Travel Support:

The organizers do not provide any kind of travel support, accommodation nor visa to poster presenters. The presenter has to make his or her own arrangements.

Contact Information:

Questions regarding abstract submission can be directed to: