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10 Dec 23

Trainers : GFSI Team

Timing : 2:00PM - 4:30PM; Venue: Dubai World Trade Center


Free entry for Delegates of DIFSC


GFSI has been supporting the global food safety ecosystem for over 23 years. Bringing together the largest food and drink retailers and manufacturers in the world to harmonise third party food safety standards against their benchmarking requirements. For anyone working in the food safety arena t is vital that you understand what it is and more importantly what it isn't that GFSI does. This workshop will be hosted by GFSI itself and you will learn first-hand from those at GFSI what their priorities are, how they work with their multiple stakeholders and what that could mean for you.


Session Topics:

1. What is GFSI? Busting some myths about what the Global Food safety Initiative does and what is doesn't do

2. Benchmarking and harmonisation - a GFSI masterclass in how and why GFSI benchmarks 3rd party food safety standards against its requirements - what does this mean for the global food safety ecosystem?

3. Food safety capability building - building food safety capabilities is a vital part of the work that GFSI does to support improved food safety systems globally. GFSI will share what it currently does to support food safety capability building and what it plans to do in the future.

4.Public Private Partnerships - how GFSI works alongside international standards setting bodies such as Codex and regulators globally to support collective interests around food safety assurance, capability building and data sharing


 The sessions will be highly interactive and provide a unique opportunity for attendees to hear from GFSI first-hand




11 Dec 23

Trainers : H.E. Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young,H.E. Eng. Dawoud Abdul Rahman Al-Hajri,John Stewart,Tahir Rashid

Timing : 9:00AM - 1:30PM; Venue: Sheikh Rashid Hall B, Dubai World Trade Center

Fee : AED 300.00

The full day session is specially designed for operators of Pest Management Companies that support food businesses in Dubai. The session is focused on enhancing knowledge and skills in the following areas:


Cockroach Control

  • Inspecting for cockroaches, placement of monitors and likely locations
  • Identification of different cockroach life stages from monitors found in kitchen
  • Use of application equipment e.g. sprayers, gel baits, dusters


Fly Management

  • Conducting a site survey to identify fly breeding sites and entry points into premises
  • Equipment for fly management and their usage and placement
  • Interpretation of fly catch results in relation to environment (using insect light traps to pin point, proofing, hygiene and drain issues


Rat Control

  • Looking for evidence, damage, smearing, tracks, latrines (use of correct use of hand torch, UV Tracking dust, gel and torch, use of ferret camera)
  • Bait strategy (grain, block, contact preparations / Snap trap placement
  • Looking for building defects
  • External influences, bin areas, vegetation, water sources


Bird Management

  • An overview of Bird spikes, adhesives and clips. A practical installation session


14 Dec 23

Trainers : Helen Taylor,Nic Sharman

Timing : 9:00AM - 3:30PM; Venue: Dubai World Trade Center

Fee : AED 1000.00

This is a full day workshop designed for food safety professionals who want to conduct Internal Audits in Dubai.


The workshop will focus on enhancing your understanding on how to set up and operate Internal Audit process in the business. The session will also help you to understand who will operate and benefit from the IA Process/ system and how the business will optimise the outcomes from IA for continuous improvement and links to Food safety culture. This will be an ‘activity based’ session that will cover the following topics:

  • Scheduling and scope
  • Data capture and reporting
  • Root Cause analysis  (RCA)
  • Preventive action
  • Verification
  • Review
  • Barriers to operating Effective IA Operation and tools to overcoming barriers.

 Link IA outcomes to Food defence, HACCP , food safety and quality culture plan



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