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Dubai International Conference on Applied Nutrition 2006
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Food Import & Export Procedures in the U.A.E Mr. Khalid Mohamed Sharif
Food Safety and Problems associated with Food Trades Dr. Abdulla Ahmed Abdulla
Importance of Traceability in the Food Industry Mr. Norman Cheesman
Electronic Certification System for Animal Products Trade – The New Zealand Example Dr. Peter Gollan
Food Safety System in the Dairy Industry Dr. Anne M. Astin
The Regulation of Genetically Modified Foods in Saudi Arabia Dr. Hamad A. Al-Awfy
International Food Laws and Regulations Mr. Syed Amjad Ali
Food Safety System in the Meat Industry Ms. Heather Haines
Food Safety Challenges in the Middle East Dr. Vincent Hegarty
Quality Assuarence In The Food Control Laboratories Dr. Amin Mohamed Yousuf


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