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Dubai International Conference on Applied Nutrition 2014
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Topics Speakers Download
Course Objectives Ian Williams and Donald J. Sharp
The Role of the Laboratory in Foodborne Outbreak Investigations Cheryl Bopp
Global Foodborne Infections Network (GFN) Nirali Desai, MPH
Foodborne Disease Surveillance in the United States Donald J. Sharp
Foodborne Disease Outbreak Tabletop Exercise Ian Williams
Detecting and Investigating Foodborne Outbreaks Ian Williams
Implementation of PulseNet in the Middle East Myriam Morcos
UAE Food Safety Crosses Borders Ernest Julian
How Preventive Controls work From Farm to Fork Linda J. Harris
Mapping Dietary Intake Impact on Consumer Health Cronan McNamara
Framework for Food Safety Risk Management of suppliers and production facilities Ashraf Shehata
Principles of Risk Assessment for Food Additives CianO’ Mahony
HACCP for Packaging Alan Campbell
The application of risk assessment in the distribution chain of foodstuffs (Arabic) Yasser Mustafa
HICCUPS in HACCP Richard Sprenger
How to prepare for an audit Dagmar Engel MacDonald
Packaging Hygiene for bottled water and beverage production Dagmar Engel MacDonald
Global Food Traceability William Fisher
Food specifications and application challenges (Arabic) Hossam Elgammal
Supporting a Diverse Region in Attaining International Best Practices Shashi Sareen
Combining biocontrol with chlorine dioxide and other intervention technologies for inactivation of foodborne pathogens on produce Modesto Olanya and Bassam Annous
Connecting For Safer Food INFOSAN Global Overview Peter
Optimal application to the specifications of food to ensure the smooth flow of intra-regional trade (Arabic) Bashir Hassan Yousef
Global Food Traceability William Fisher
Food Safety & The Way Forward: High Tech or High Touch? Frank Yiannas


Topics Speakers Download
Arabic Symposia
Agricultural diseases and inter-Arab trade: current agreements and future aspirations Ali Rhouma
Food safety culture: food safety concepts in local authorities like municipalities and the Arabic consumer health needs and expectations Nabih Ibrahim
Harmonization of standards and implementation challenges – Industry perspective Hossam Elgammal
Microbial risk assessment in food Walid Alali
Improving the Arabic trade - MEFOSA perspective Atef Idriss
Accreditation and enhancing confidence in the food inspection system Alia Ismail AlMarzouqi
Enhancing the Inter-Arab Trade Mariam Harib Sultan Al Yousuf
Understanding standards – a boost to trade Bashir Hassan
Dubai Municipality projects: challenges and solutions Sultan Al Taher
Challenges of food inspection systems in some Arabic and regional countries Ashraf El Zoheiry
Risk assessment applications in the food chain Yasser Mostafa
Chemical Risk Assessment Abdel Razak Kadry
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Foods Assem Anwar KotbAbou-Arab
Rapid tests for food borne pathogens Mazin Matloob


Topics Speakers Download
International Training workshop on understanding and application of Risk Assessment to Improve Food Safety
Course Introduction Dubai 2014 Abdel-Razak Kadry
Dubai 2014 Module1 MS (Arabic) Mohamed Shereif
Dubai 2014 Module 2 Abdel-Razak Kadry
Dubai 2014 Module 3 (Arabic) Mohamed Shereif
Dubai 2014 Module 4 Abdel-Razak Kadry and John C. Lipscomb


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