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Dubai International Conference on Applied Nutrition 2009
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Technical Sessions

Topics Speakers Download
Managing Aflatoxin Risks From Farm To Fork Robert C. Baker
Nestle's Approach to Product Recalls Johann Grosz
Protect Your Brand by Providing Best Practices in the Beverage Industry Chris Dunn
Shelf-Life of Pre-packaged Food Products - An Industry Perspective Ahmet Anbarci
Day 1, 24 february, 2009 - Plenary 1
Balancing Food Safety and Food Security – FAO Perspective Ezzeddine Boutrif
Do the Emerging and Developed Countries Share the Same Food Safety Concerns? Stan Bailey
Eliminating Regulatory Differences Would Enhance Food Safety and Reduce Food Wastage Paul B Young
Melamine Contamination of Milk : WHO Perspective on Food Safety Issues Peter Karim Ben Embarek
Day 2, 25 february, 2009 - Plenary 2
Emerging Food Contaminants John Gilbert
Food safety risk management: Principles and practice Steve Hathaway
Symposium 1 Food Safety Management - The Ohio Model
Food Safety – The Ohio Model Maya Achen
From Farm To Fork: Managing Food Safety In Ohio Gloria I. Swick-Brown
Compliance and Enforcement Christina Ritchey Wilson
Symposium 2 Food Safety Updates
Allergen Management: An International Industry Perspective Steven W. Rizk
Microbiological Aspects of Novel Food Processing Technologies Margaret Patterson
Building a Food Regulatory System using Scientific, Risk-based Approach Ewen C. D. Todd
Food Safety: Role Of Universities And Educational Institutions (mena) Present And Future Programs Zeina Kassaify
Developing and using Laboratory and Technical Capacity Available in the Region Atef Idriss
Putting Principles into Practice: Useful Case Studies Amir Mokhtari
Day 3, 26 february, 2009 - Symposium 6 Management of Pesticides and Other Contaminants in Food
Use of biopesticides – A safe solution Dr Chris Knight
Agricultural practices and Food safety Adnan I Al Samarrie
Managing Cleaning :Validation, Monitoring and Verification of Cleaning Programmes Prof Chris Griffith


Topics Speakers Download
Developing and Delivering an Effective Food Safety Training Program
Assessing Training Needs and Learning Outcomes: Overcoming Barriers to Effective training Prof Chris Griffith
Changing Food Safety Behaviour : Is it needed and what is the role of training ? Prof Chris Griffith
Interactive Training Richard Sprenger
Proposed Guidelines for Food Safety Training in Dubai Bashir Hassan Yousif
What We Can Learn from the Role of the Food Worker in Outbreaks Ewen C. D. Todd
HACCP for Minimally Processed Foods and Cook Chill Processes O. Peter Snyder


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