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Dubai International Conference on Applied Nutrition 2011
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Day 1

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Recent Applications of Stable Isotopes Techniques to check the authenticity of food products Eric Jamin
Rapid Pathogen Detection using Phage Technology Fabrice LESAULT
Enhancing Food Safety Culture to Reduce Rates of Foodborne Illness Dr. Ben Chapman
Microbiological Aspects of Ready-to-Eat Foods of Relevance to the Middle East Beth Ann Crozier-Dodson
Hygienic Status of Salads Displayed at Cold Buffets in Abu Dhabi Hotels ADFCA
Noroviruses and Food borne Disease: A Little Pathogen that Causes Big Problems Lee-Ann Jaykus
Food sampling – how do you look for what you want to find? Julian M Cox
Microbial contamination levels of selected vegetable greens in the UAE Dennis J. Russell
Managing Your Supply Chain for Food Safety in a Global Environment Dane Bernard
Reducing the Burden of Foodborne Diseases - Is the Food Industry doing its best? William D. Marler
Dubai : A Global Food Village Khalid Sharif
Protecting Our Products and Consumers in a Global Economy Dr. Paul A. Hall
Informing the public about modern biotechnology and biosafety Piet van der Meer
Allergens Management: A Mars Perspective Ashraf Shehata
Introduction to Nanotechnology in food Brett Jeffery
Evaluation of Pesticides Quality & Monitoring of Pesticide residues in Fruits & Vegetables in UAE Markets. Yasir Mustafa
The perspective of the Ministry of Environment and Water in the management of tighten controls on pesticides in the framework of strategic plans of UAE Yasir Mustafa
The food safety issues in developing economies demands a holistic approach inclusive of codex and beyond ... A perspective V. Prakash

Day 2

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Achieving Food Safety in Emerging Economies: the Role of Regional and International Harmonization and Third Party Inspection Systems Ezzeddine Boutrif
Food Chemical Safety – An industry perspective Brett Jeffery
QCMS Making Safe Food Carol Ciszek
How Clean is Clean : Does it Matter ? Prof Chris Griffith
Incorporating HACCP into national food control systems - Analyzing progress in the United Arab Emirates Dina Al-Kandari and David J. Jukes
Food Safety Capacity Development and Private Standards in Emerging Markets: Case Studies from India Deepa Thiagarajan
ISO 22000:2005....What Transition Can it Make in your Food Production Facility? An Experience In Brief. Huda Musa El Sayed
Overcoming the Challenges of Local Sourcing
Development of Local Suppliers for International Businesses
Peter Bracher
Increasing Managerial Responsibility to Ensure Food Safety: The Concept of A Trained Person in Charge Asia Al Raeesi
Global Food Safety Initiative - Harmonising Food Safety Standards Catherine François
International Association for Food Protection - Activity Update David Tharp
CIFOR Guidelines and CIFOR Toolkit Donald J. Sharp
Trends of Foodborne Diseases at Dubai Dr. Fatma Al Attar
Challenges in Recent Multistate Foodborne Disease Outbreaks: Lessons Learned Ian Williams
Food Protection at Retail and Foodservice - A US Perspective Kevin Smith
The Food Safety Knowledge Network: A Global Competency-Based Program to Improve Knowledge and Skills of Food Safety Professionals Leslie D. Bourquin
Food Safety and Quality Management in Sharjah Municipality Dr. Rasha A. Al Qassemi
Understanding Foodborne Disease Outbreaks Using Environmental Assessments: The Importance of Antecedents to Contributing Factors Vincent J. Radke
Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 on Nutrition and Health Claims Basil Mathioudakis
Scientific Substantiation of Health Claims made on Foods in the EU Andreu Palou
Global Regulations on Nutrition and Health Claims - Why Harmonisation Matters Eva Hurt
"Functional” And Health Claims In The United States Fred H. Degnan
SFDA Local Regulations and Standards Dr. Salah AlMaiman
Future legislations on Nutrition & Health Claim Eng. Mustafa Salma
Foodborne Disease Investigation and Surveillance Guidance Manual Abdul Rehman Ali (DHA)
Is The Key To International Food Safety Reliable, Achievable And Sustainable Food Legislation And Regulation? Clive Eves

Workshop A

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Microbiological Sampling and Testing WORKSHOP A in Food Safety Management

Workshop E

Topics Speakers Download
The Science Behind The Pic Food Safety Rules O. Peter Snyder
Validating The Retail Food Process O. Peter Snyder


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