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Dubai International Conference on Applied Nutrition 2010
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Day 1

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Opening Session
Food Regulations in Developing Countries Sameer Barde
Food Safety Headlines 2009 - What is Safe and What is Not? Prof P. Vincent Hegarty
Global Initiatives of IAFP IAFP
The Future of Food Safety from an EU perspective Prof. Alan Reilly
Session 1
Accreditation of Food Safety Certification Bodies Eng. Muhammad Shahid Rasool
Effective Third Party Certification of Food Safety Dr Jochen P Zoller
Ensuring Reliability of Third Party Audits Beat Stettler
Getting the Most out of Food Safety Management Systems Russell Dunn

Day 2

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Session 3
A situation Analysis of the Food Control Systems in Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries Dina Al-Kandari
Food Inspection Programs by Dubai Municipality – A Review Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Ali
Food Regulations In The Middle East - A Mars Perspective Ashraf Shehata
Performing Effective Food Inspections Richard A. Sprenger
Session 4
Advancing Food Safety Through New Molecular Techniques George Tice
Applications of Nanotechnology in Food Safety Frans Kampers
New Applications of Automated Technologies to Enumerate Quality and Hygiene Indicators and Detect Pathogens from Food and Environmental Samples Stan Bailey
Using Predictive Modeling in Food Safety Management Systems Donald W Schaffner
Session 5
Process Validation of Dry Materials in Food Industry
Session 7
Australia - Protecting and Managing Safety of Meat Ian Jenson
Session 8
Classical HACCP vs.Menu-Safe HACCP Costs, Effort and Time Aurelia Caccamo
Hotbrands International, Dubai Nargis E. Jhetam
Menu-Safe Case Study: Changing Food Safety Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour AbdulAziz Basheer Al Shaikh
Menu-Safe Presentations Shaina Figueiredo
Subway, Dubai Shaina Figueiredo
Session 9
Antimicrobials in Poultry Production Ivone Delazari
Sanitary risk management: the French poultry industry experience
Moving Food Across the World Suely Nakashima
Risk Profile of Salmonella in Poultry for the United Arab Emirates Mohamed Alobaidly
Session 10
Challenges in Inspection of Fresh Dairy Products in UAE Sreedhara.M.J
Managing Heat Stress in Large Dairy Herd in UAE Dr Ahmed Eltigani AbdelRahim

Day 3

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Session 11
Environmental Health Assessment During Outbreak Investigation Robert Blake
Foodborne illness: Surveillance, outbreak detection and response Frederick J. Angulo
Public Health Concerns in UAE Dr. Farida Al Hosani
What Should you know about Foodborne Illnesses Ewen C. D. Todd
Session 12
Chemical Hazards in Foods – Dioxins and Pesticides MARS
Initiative for Nutrition Labelling Karine Antoniades Turk
Food Labeling Importance in Food Safety Reem Al Gurg
Session 13
Outbreak Management – What Should Your Organization Do 1
Outbreak Management – What Should Your Organization Do 2
Outbreak Management – What Should Your Organization Do 3
Session 14
Food Safety - Quality, Trust, and Integrity John Hoffmann
Role of Food Safety Management Systems in Product Certification Harold Grecia Orona
Sudan Dyes in Food Dr. Alamuri Gopala Krishnamacharyulu
The Role of Veterinary Services in Food Safety Dr. Salahuddin M. Ahmed
Traceability of Fish & Fish Products Prof Umezuruike Linus Opara
Session 15
A Bottled Water Plant Operation A Key Issue on Quality
Session 16
Developing Food Safety in the Hospitality Sector O. Peter Snyder
Session 17
Advancing Global Nutrition and Food Safety Bilgehan Süer
Solae Quality Presentation


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